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Easily create employment contracts

New Online Employee Contract Tool!

The Australian government has created a new online employee contact tool that complies with workplace laws.

Included are:

  • conditions you are required to provide to your employee

  • optional clauses to protect your business and set expectations

The tool can be used for hourly or weekly wages but not salaries.

You will need to consult the Fairwork PACT tool to check your award requirements.

Once completed the document can be downloaded and edited as a document (then save as a PDF).

As we use the Tanda Employee Onboarding Tool for the secure collection of data, we can include this document in our onboarding for your employees. We only recommend this method as emailing employee documents often leads to identity theft.

Once you step through the questions and edit the document, we will advise where to save it so we can access it for inclusion.

It is recommended you go back to the tool for each employee as the information and links will be updated when they are changed by Fairwork.

Access the Employee Contract Tool here

PACT Pay and Conditions Tool here

Apprentice assistance here

Support for Australian Businesses here

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