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Rainforest Bookkeeping

Rainforest Bookkeeping was born 01 September 2009.  Why the name?  When I think of a Rainforest, I think of sustainability, new growth and the possibility of something new. I also think of all the trees we can save by moving to the cloud and going as paperless as possible.

We're on a mission to help small business owners like you ditch the parts of your business that you hate, so you can get back to enjoying life. Let us handle the nitty-gritty details, while you focus on the things you love to do. We're your partners in making your life easier and your business more successful. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.


We've been in the small business game for a while now, and we've worked with all sorts of industries, including trades, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, import/export, and e-commerce. We know how important your time is, especially when you're a small business owner or sole trader trying to juggle everything. That's why we're here to give you back your personal time. 

When we first started out, our original clients were all husband and wife teams who were struggling to keep up with the demands of running a business. They were constantly working in the business, with no time for themselves, and neither had any formal training in business management. It was tough, especially since all we had to work with was desktop software. It was all about data entry, paperwork, and filing - we were spending 4-8 hours a week at each client's office, just trying to catch up. There was no time for value-adding services or advisory


But now, as a cloud-based bookkeeping practice using Xero, we've completely transformed the accounting process. We have full transparency, one point of truth, and everything we need at our fingertips for year-end. Our relationship with accountants has never been stronger. We've made migrating from desktop to the cloud a specialty, thanks to our experience with various software platforms.

The best part is our clients now know what’s happening in their businesses in real-time.

And we love what we do!


Michele Grisdale

About Us

Meet Michele Grisdale, an Australian-based Professional Bookkeeper and BAS Agent based on the Central Coast of NSW. She is the founder of 100% cloud-based Rainforest Bookkeeping Pty Ltd and a Member in Practice of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.


Michele is a sole practitioner who chooses to work with clients in the building and construction, plumbing, e-commerce and personal services sectors. Her practice has been 100% cloud-based for over 10 years., and she's been able to help businesses of all types thanks to her wide range of practical experience. 


Michele knows what it's like to be a small business owner, having owned and managed businesses in the past. She's also got experience in trades and apprenticeships, payroll and HR, marketing, manufacturing, inventory, logistics, import/export, and e-commerce. With this unique perspective, she's able to offer her clients tailored solutions that can improve their systems and processes. Whether it's modifying, adapting, or completely changing their approach, Michele's got the expertise to help businesses thrive.


As a bookkeeper in practice, she has lived experience having worked in partnership with her industry colleagues in practice to understand government subsidies such as JobKeeper and their effect on micro and small businesses. She also supported the work of ICB, COSBOA and ServiceNSW to assist in the modification of service delivery of government support at Federal & State level.


Active community involvement includes working with ICB Discussion and Support programs, and software providers such as Ignition, NextMinute, Xbert, Xero Partners, Dext, and Bookkeepers in Practice.


As an advisor, she works with her clients to communicate compliance, tax and superannuation requirements and helps them to understand deadlines to help them stay in control of their cash flow for their business. She regularly assists them with Fair Work requirements and Apprenticeship regulations and reporting in her role as a specialist BAS agent.


As an expert in digital transformation, Michele understands the importance of digitisation for small, businesses and advises clients on moving their data and processes to secure cloud-based, streamlined, and sustainable environments. She also understands the importance of a mentally healthy small business and supports clients in their journey by keeping up to date with the latest health advice for small business owners and their staff.


Digital Service Provider consultation: and beta-testing


Collaboration with Digital Service Providers to provide a better understanding of SME requirements for integrated services.  


  • Dext (formerly Receipt Bank)

    • Recently beta-tested ABN lookup feature and many others over the last 10 years

    • Advocate and speaker for application for SMEs and the accounting community

    • Case studies and staff training

  • NextMinute

    • Worked with developers to offer a product suitable to the Australian market for the building industry that addressed the requirements of SMEs

    • Requested integration of receipt capture products to remove additional touchpoints. Now a live function.

  • Xbert

    • Worked with founders on initial product offering to bookkeepers and accountants as original target market with direct to business

    • Advised on the need for more integrated products versus multiple products for one point of entry. Requested integration of task management function which is now live.

    • Case Study 2020


  • Small Business Digital Champions presenter for Housing Industry Association (HIA) webinars

    • Welcome to the Digital World for Builders and Trades

    • Digital Tools for Builders and Trades

    • Single Touch Payroll for new entrants

    • HIA-CSQ Small Business Program


Collaboration with Associations, bookkeeping and client-related, to assist our clients and promote a better understanding of the challenges we are facing together.


  • Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

    • Member in Practice since 2009

    • ICB Software Feedback Group

    • Contributor for Australian Bookkeepers Summit on what is means to be a sole practitioner

  • Attends the COSBOA National Small Business Summits to learn about policy changes affecting small businesses and provide relevant questions for policymakers and associations from the perspective of SMEs.


Other Achievements

  • Xero Silver Partner, Xero Insider, XeroOnAir 2020 presenter with Anna Curzon, CDO on profitability and short-term cash flow dashboards, advisor on Xero Projects

  • Small Biz Matters radio show guest

  • Cloud Integration Partner (SMB Consultants and TradiePad) – Advanced Certification

  • ServiceM8 Partner and integrator

  • Flying Solo Member since 2009


Communicating compliance, tax and superannuation requirements and deadlines to help clients understand and stay in control.


Assisting clients with Fair Work requirements and Apprenticeship requirements to promote better understanding.


Working to help SME’s move to secure, cloud-based, streamlined, and sustainable environments we can all sleep better and stay mentally healthy.


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