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Entering Timesheets into XeroMe app or Desktop Xero (and new timesheet requirments for ALL employees

I get so many requests for instructions on how to enter timesheets correctly into the Xero Me App and the desktop Xero so I created an instruction sheet. The XeroMe Video explain this well but some still want instructions. Here is the video

Please take note, at this time the Xero Me App does not allow from clocking on and off at breaks and lunch. This is a problem as this is a new Fair Work requirement. I am sure Xero is working on this so hold tight. In the meantime, all employees, including salaried, need to keep written track of break times and lunchtimes. Painful - Yes! Required - Yes! As I explained to an employer yesterday, this is a CYA (cover your arse) measure that is necessary for all employers to ensure you are not penalised by not paying your employees incorrectly. All employees are entitled to break and lunch and this cannot be waived or re-negotiated. Failure to keep these break time records could mean back paying breaks at overtime rates for up to seven years!

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Unknown member
Nov 17, 2021

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