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Heart of the Bookkeeper Podcast

This week Rob Marshall and ICB Australia dropped their podcast The Heart of the Bookkeeper. It is a bit scary putting parts of my story out there but I hope it helps someone else along the way.

Episode 15 Michele Grisdale - A Bookkeepers Journey of Discovery

"In this episode of our amazing Bookkeeping Podcast, we hear the heart of a Bookkeeper who has been on a very journey of discovery, including across two continents, to really land where she finds herself today. Michele Grisdale has done things the hard way to achieve her goal of providing a Bookkeeping Service and Practice that is now kicking goals, in a major way. In this episode, we hear of Michele's journey from the USA to Australia and how to come to terms with a whole different part of the World and the different ways and processes for Bookkeeping. We hear how it was to be both Mum and provider to her family and the adapting and pivoting Michele had to go through, to set up her Bookkeeping practice. Her focus on how to be a successful Bookkeeper as a "solo Bookkeeper" is inspiring and insightful. We also hear Michele's unique way to get through BAS time. This is an episode of Heart of the Bookkeeper, that many people will benefit from listening to. Enjoy.

See for privacy and opt-out information." Rob Marshall, ICB Australia

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